View graphically how your HD is being ocuppied


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If you have several Hard drives and you don't know how to organize it, SpaceSniffer can be a very good application to help you. It scans the installed drives in your system and it offers a visual map of folders and files occupying them.

Thanks to the visual map, you'll know the folders that take more space in your HD, so, in case you'll have to free space in it, you'll know at first sight the folders and files that are ocuppying more space.

The detail level is chosen by you, you can accept a simple view that offers you the size of he folder and subfolders or a more detailed one. It depends on your needs, in addition, if you suspect on any folder, just click it and you'll know what's inside it.

Finally, the interface of SpaceSniffer is animated, something that doesn't help in terms of functionality, but allows you to know where you are at any moment.
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